Musician (Instrumental)


Work Tasks

MUSICIANS (INSTRUMENTAL) play musical instruments in orchestras, bands, jazz combos, or other groups. They perform alone or as part of a group for the purpose of entertaining people. They usually specialize in a certain type of music such as rock, classical, or jazz. They may play any of a wide variety of string, brass, or woodwind instruments, such as piano or organ, violin, cello, guitar, trumpet, and oboe, to name a few. Some play percussion instruments, such as drums, cymbals, or a xylophone. All musicians spend a lot of time practicing and rehearsing with their band, orchestra, or other musical group. Aspiring musicians begin studying an instrument at an early age.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Professional MUSICIANS (INSTRUMENTAL) study an instrument at an early age. They may play in a school band, orchestra, or with a group of friends. Formal training may be obtained through private study, in college or university, or a music conservatory. Courses may include musical theory and interpretation, composition, conducting, and performance. Many colleges and universities grant bachelor's or higher degrees. A master's or doctoral degree is required to teach in colleges and universities. A bachelor's degree may be sufficient to teach basic courses.