Optometric Assistant


Work Tasks

OPTOMETRIC ASSISTANTS work under the direction of an optometrist. They perform office duties and assist patients with eyeglass selection and contact lens wear. Optometric assistants also perform some patient pre-testing duties. They may perform receptionist tasks, keep patient records, answer telephones, schedule appointments, and other office procedures. Optometric assistants help patients select eyeglasses. They order the prescribed lenses and verify the glasses once they arrive from the laboratory. When the patient picks up the glasses, optometric assistants make adjustments to assure a proper fit for the patient.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most OPTOMETRIC ASSISTANTS develop their skills through on-the-job training by their employers. Employers prefer to hire those who have completed high school or its equivalent. Courses in English, mathematics, word processing, and bookkeeping will be helpful. Some optometric assistants may complete a one-year certificate or diploma program offered by a few vocational-technical schools and community colleges. No special licensing or certification is required for optometric assistants.

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