Paper Hanger


Work Tasks

PAPERHANGERS cover walls of rooms with wallpaper, fabric, vinyl, or other materials. They prepare the wall by sealing the surface so wallpaper sticks better. Paperhangers soak, steam, or use liquids to remove old wallpaper. They measure the area to be covered, brush or roll glue onto the back of the covering, and hang the strips of paper, matching the edges. Finally, paperhangers smooth the strips to remove bubbles and wrinkles. They trim the top and bottom of strips with a razor knife, and wipe off excess glue.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most PAPERHANGERS learn their skills through apprenticeship programs that last three to four years. A high school education is usually needed to enter an apprenticeship program. Few opportunities for informal training exist for paperhangers because few paperhangers have a need for helpers. Paperhangers do not need a license or certificate.