Quality Control Technician


Work Tasks

QUALITY CONTROL TECHNICIANS test and inspect products at various stages in the manufacturing process to be sure that the products are safe, meet customer requirements, and do what they were designed to do. Quality control technicians perform tests on products and their materials and parts. They gather and analyze information about products and ensure the safety and quality of processes. Some quality control technicians test food and drug samples or raw materials to make sure they are free from contamination. They record test data on graphs and charts, evaluate their findings, and write summary reports.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

No license or certification is required for QUALITY CONTROL TECHNICIANS. However, the Institute for Certification of Engineering Technicians offers three certificates to those who meet their standards of education and experience. Junior engineering technicians must meet basic training regulations. Engineering technicians need five years of experience and the endorsement of two engineers. Senior engineering technicians must have fifteen years of experience and the endorsement of three engineers. Qualifying examinations may be given. The American Society for Quality also offers a certification program for quality control technicians who meet the 4-year education/experience requirements.