Work Tasks

ROUSTABOUTS perform a variety of assigned tasks doing much of the physical labor and repair in or around oil fields, gas works, and pipelines. They use a variety of machinery and equipment to drill and develop crude oil and natural gas wells and to service and maintain existing wells. Roustabouts assemble or lubricate, adjust, or repair oil field mechanical equipment or rigs. They connect tanks and flow-lines, and unscrew or tighten pipes, casting, tubing, and pump rods. Roustabouts dismantle rigs and equipment when drilling is completed. Roustabouts often help skilled workers such as mechanics, welders, electricians, painters, and carpenters.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

No special education or training is needed to be a ROUSTABOUT. Employers look for people who are reliable and hard working. Roustabouts learn their skills on the job from more experienced workers. Roustabouts need no license or certificate.