Taxicab Driver


Work Tasks

TAXICAB DRIVERS pick up and drive people, for a fee, to where they want to go. They take people to airports, hotels, train stations, and other places. Taxicab drivers pick up people who have called the cab dispatcher for a ride. In big cities, taxicab drivers pick up people who wave them down. Drivers also wait at taxicab stands or taxi lines at airports, train stations, hotels, and other places where people often need taxis. Taxicab drivers should be familiar with streets in the area they serve so they can use the most efficient route to reach a destination. They should know the locations of frequently requested destinations, such as airports, bus and railroad terminals, convention centers, hotels, and other points of interest.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

TAXICAB DRIVERS must have a regular automobile driver's license plus a chauffeur or taxicab driver's license. They must pass a written exam or complete a training program and know local geography and motor vehicle laws. Many taxicab companies review applicants' medical, credit, criminal, and driving records, and require a higher minimum age. They may give drivers tests in English to make sure they can understand what people are saying to them.