Urban Planner


Work Tasks

URBAN PLANNERS develop plans to provide for the growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities. They prepare for situations that might develop from population growth or social and economic change. They address issues, such as traffic congestion and air pollution. They make plans relating to new schools, public housing, and other construction. They help local officials make decisions on social, economic, and environmental problems. They may be involved with drafting legislation on environmental, social, and economic issues, such as meeting the needs of the elderly, sheltering the homeless, or planning a new park.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

URBAN PLANNERS in government require a master's degree from accredited programs in urban or regional planning, or related fields, such as urban design or geography. A bachelor's degree with a master's in architecture, landscape architecture, or civil engineering qualifies for entry-level jobs in urban design, transportation, or the environment. A bachelor's degree and related experience is sufficient for a few entry-level positions. Courses in architecture, law, earth sciences, demography, economics, finance, health administration, geographic information systems, and management are highly recommended. Certification may be helpful for promotion.