Veterinary Technician


Work Tasks

VETERINARY TECHNICIANS perform clinical work supervised by a veterinarian. They may perform medical tests and treat and diagnose medical conditions and diseases in animals. They may obtain medical history; prepare treatment rooms; hold or restrain animals during exam, treatment, or injections; and educate clients about the care of animals. They give medicines, immunizations, anesthesia, and blood plasma to animals as prescribed by veterinarians. They dress and suture wounds, apply splints, clean teeth, and take vital sign. They prepare animals for surgery; and help veterinarians during surgery. They take x-rays, collect specimens, and perform certain lab procedures.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire VETERINARY TECHNICIANS who have graduated from a two-year accredited program. Many community colleges offer two-year programs, leading to an associate degree, in which courses are taught in clinical and laboratory settings using live animals. Many states require veterinary technicians to be registered or certified. To be eligible to take the examination, veterinary technicians usually must be a graduate from an approved program. Being registered can improve job opportunities and career development.