Sales Engineer


Work Tasks

SALES ENGINEERS help customers determine which products and services best suit their needs. They sell business goods or services that require a technical background. They usually sell products, such as numerical-control machinery, and computer systems, whose installation and optimal use requires technical expertise and support. They demonstrate, and explain products or services to customer reps, and help buyers with technical problems. They recommend improved materials, equipment, and machinery for a firm's manufacturing process, and design plans of proposed machinery layouts. They also estimate cost savings and suggest training schedules for employees.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most employers prefer to hire SALES ENGINEERS with a bachelor's degree in engineering. Many employers still hire people without a degree, but who have proven successful sales experience. Admissions requirements for undergraduate engineering schools include a solid background in mathematics, physical sciences, and courses in English, social studies, humanities, and computer science. Sales engineers must continue education to keep up with rapidly changing technology. They also attend trade shows where new products and technologies are showcased.