Traffic Engineering Technician


Work Tasks

TRAFFIC ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS conduct field studies to determine traffic volume, speed, and effectiveness of signals, adequacy of lighting, and other factors influencing traffic conditions. They work under the direction of a traffic engineer to observe lighting, visibility of signs and pavement markings, location of traffic signals, and width of streets or roadways. Traffic engineering technicians draw graphs, charts, diagrams, and similar aids to illustrate their observations and conclusions.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most employers prefer to hire TRAFFIC ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS with at least a two-year associate degree in engineering technology. Training is available at technical institutes, community colleges, extension divisions of colleges and universities, public and private vocational and technical schools, and through some technical training programs in the armed services. Prospective engineering technicians should take as many high school science and math courses as possible, to prepare for post-secondary programs in engineering technology.