Work Tasks

TRANSLATORS translate written materials from one language into another. They read written material, such as legal documents, scientific works, news reports, and literature, and rewrite the material into a specified language. They must have a high degree of fluency in the language they are translating and an understanding of the subject matter. Literary translators adapt written literature from one language into another. Judicial translators translate legal documents such as laws, foreign court orders, and treaties of the U.S. State Department. Medical translators convert patient materials and informational brochures into the desired language. Translators also work in a variety of other areas, including business, social services, or entertainment.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

TRANSLATORS need to be expert at speaking and writing at least two languages. A bachelor's degree and specialized training is generally required. A number of formal programs in translation are available at colleges nationwide, and through nonuniversity training programs and courses. Translators who work in more technical areas, such as science, engineering, or finance, have master's degrees. A thorough knowledge of the culture and customs of the countries where these languages are spoken is very helpful. Travel abroad is highly recommended for becoming familiar with the culture of other countries.