Campuses consistently report that EOS names yield results by increasing visibility, increasing inquiries, increasing applications, and increasing enrollments.

Increase Campus Diversity

If your campus is working to increase diversity, EOS can help. In the most recent year, more than a million students from racial and ethnic minorities took either the ACT PLAN test or the ACT college readiness assessment.

Purchasing sophomore, junior, and senior EOS names from racial and ethnic minorities is a great way to increase diversity at your campus.

Target Special Populations

Many campuses and scholarship organizations purchase EOS names to focus on target populations using factors that students provide when they take the ACT or PLAN. These factors may include specific academic majors, religious affiliation, gender, family income, and extracurricular activities.

Count on a Tradition of Service

In addition to results, EOS users most often mention service as the reason they purchase names year after year. When you call ACT, you'll talk with staff who are knowledgeable and responsive to your needs. They will help you understand the range of available names in the context of your recruitment goals.

If your campus is new to EOS, staff are available to help you determine the best timing and the best pool of students to meet your enrollment goals.