Advising and Placement Services and Solutions

ACT offers a variety of tools to ensure postsecondary students are quickly and accurately placed in courses appropriate to their skill levels. Assessment tools from ACT offer a highly accurate and cost-effective basis for course placement. By combining students' test scores with information about their high school coursework and their needs, interests, and goals, advisors and faculty members can make placement recommendations with a high degree of validity.

Solution Obtaining Advisee Data Placing Students Exploring Options Improving Advising Quality
The ACT® Information SystemProvides comprehensive data about students before they enroll. X X X X
AIM ACT Information Manager® Turns data from your ACT student records into information you can act on. X X X X
COMPASS® An Internet-delivered assessment that helps you evaluate students' skills and place them into appropriate courses. X X X X
ASSET® A paper-and-pencil assessment that helps you evaluate students' skills and place them into appropriate courses. X X X X
Course Placement ServiceAssesses students' success probability so you can improve placement decisions and optimize course placement procedures and cutoff scores.   X    
ENGAGE™ Measures students' psychosocial attributes that affect academic success. X X X X
Entering Student Descriptive ReportSummarizes the background characteristics, educational plans, academic needs, and skill levels of an entire class of students. X X    
Returning Student Retention ReportIdentifies the retention patterns occurring at the institution and the student characteristics that are related to those retention patterns. X     X
World-of-Work MapA map of occupations that interprets ACT Interest Inventory results and facilitates visual exploration of career options.     X  
Map of College MajorsAn interactive, web-based map designed to facilitate visual exploration of college majors.     X  
Interest InventoryProvides a focus to career exploration by pointing students to career fields in line with their interests.     X  
WorkKeys®Foundational and soft skills assessments provide reliable and relevant information about workplace skill levels.     X