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Using Your ACT Data

Although ACT is best known in the higher education arena for its role within recruitment and enrollment, the research and data collected—both cognitive and noncognitive—is valuable throughout the postsecondary process.

ACT postsecondary research and solutions provide college and university administrators with the necessary data and tools to inform and affect core institutional strategic initiatives.

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Helping Students Get In, Get Through, and Get Out

ACT research and solutions help guide higher education leaders in making informed decisions that affect and help students successfully "get in, get through, and get out." Through the proper use of research and cognitive data, strategies for enrollment, advising, placement, and outcomes can be effectively initiated to better serve students at any level of proficiency and to better track growth through their collegiate career. Noncognitive data and research provide postsecondary leadership with a means to better serve students—giving them more information on student interests, needs, career goals and plans, as well as student expectations for postsecondary experiences. Such information enriches institutional strategic initiatives geared to retention, persistence, and outcomes.