Recruiting Services and Solutions

ACT is uniquely positioned to conduct extensive research on student recruitment, student retention, student success, and the college selection process. More than 3.5 million students a year take the ACT®, PLAN® or EXPLORE®. ACT also collects substantial information from hundreds of colleges on student courses and grades, on student retention, and about applied, admitted, and enrolled students.

Solution Identify Prospective Students Attract Target Populations Shape Enrollment
The ACT® Information System Provides key data about student needs, interests, and goals that you will want to address in your recruitment materials.   X X
ACT Predictive Modeling Service Accurate and cost-effective college enrollment predictions.

AIM ACT Information Manager® Turns data from your ACT student records into information you can act on.   X X
Enrollment Information Service (EIS)Identifies primary, secondary, and potential new markets, based on almost the entire population of ACT-tested students. X    
Educational Opportunity Service (EOS)Comprehensive source of names and addresses of high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have taken PLAN or the ACT. You can use EOS to focus your recruiting efforts on just the right students. X X  
Institutional Data Questionnaire Communicate characteristics of your institution to millions of potential students.   X  
Class Profile Service Summarizes cognitive and noncognitive variables at all stages of enrollment, for students who submitted their ACT scores and enrolled, plus those who sent scores but did not enroll.   X  
Retention/Attrition Service Compares student academic and demographic information for the previous year's first-time ACT-tested freshmen who returned for their second year with those students who did not return.   X  
Prediction Research Service Describes the academic achievement of previous freshmen; forecasts overall performance of future freshmen. Free for institutions that have 40 or more ACT-tested entering freshmen.   X  
Course Placement Service Assess each student's probability of success in college. Study the accuracy of course placement procedures and select optimum cutoff scores.   X  

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