Retention and Degree Completion Services and Solutions

College student retention and persistence to degree is a complex matter involving many factors, including the interaction among student abilities, interests, and needs and institutional personnel, policies, and procedures. An effective retention program relies on accurate information and timely intervention.

ACT performs research to understand what works in student retention and offers services and solutions to help you achieve your retention goals.

Solution Identifying At-Risk Students Improving Student Services Connecting Students to Campus Resources
The ACT® Information System Provides comprehensive data about students before they enroll. X   X
AIM ACT Information Manager® Turns data from your ACT student records into information you can act on. X X X
ENGAGE™ Measures students' psychosocial attributes that affect academic success. X X X
Prediction Research Service Report Describes academic achievement of previous freshmen and develops prediction equations for forecasting the overall performance of future freshmen. X X  
Retention/Attrition Service Compares student academic and demographic information for the previous year's first-time ACT-tested freshmen who returned for their second year with those students who did not return.   X  
Returning Student Retention Report Provides extensive enrollment, course completion, and re-enrollment pattern information on ASSET- and COMPASS/ESL-tested students for institutions using these instruments. X X X
Class Profile Service Provides a comprehensive summary of a college's ACT-tested entering freshman class by showing parallel descriptions for students who sent scores and enrolled, plus those who sent scores but did not enroll. X X  
COMPASS® An Internet-delivered assessment that helps you evaluate students' skills and place them into appropriate courses. X   X
ASSET® A paper-and-pencil assessment that helps you evaluate students' skills and place them into appropriate courses. X   X