Case Studies


Using EPAS to Evaluate School-Based Intervention Programs: GEAR UP (PDF; 65KB, 8 pages)
In this brief, we examine how ACT's EPAS® (Educational Planning and Assessment System) can be used to evaluate school-based intervention programs.

Boosting Health Care Employees' Skills and Promotion Opportunities
Owensboro Medical Health System used WorkKeys to create a self-study skills program that teaches new job skills and increases hospital employees' chances of receiving a promotion.

Setting Students' Sights on College: Chicago Public Schools (PDF; 158KB, 3 pages)
This case study explores the results the Chicago Public Schools saw when it instituted citywide administrations of EXPLORE® and PLAN® to help students begin planning for higher education and prepare for the statewide administration of the PSAE (Prairie State Achievement Examinations, which include the ACT®).


REACHing for Student Career Awareness
WorkKeys teaches students about available careers, skills they need to get a job, and how to improve their skills before graduation. In 2005, all high school seniors in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, schools will take WorkKeys® as an exit exam.

Developing a Ready-to-Train Workforce
Northrop Grumman uses WorkKeys to identify skill gaps and offer job-specific skill training. Results: decreased turnover, increase in work quality, employee job satisfaction, more internal employees applying for promotions, labor union support.

Keeping Required Skills Up-to-Date
Convatec used WorkKeys to update job profiles and weed out underqualified job applicants. Results: better-qualified hires, improved employee morale, easier compliance with Department of Labor standards.

Bringing Home a Better Workforce
Philadelphia-based Horizon House employs more than 900 people and uses WorkKeys as a job analysis, assessment, and training tool. Results: reduced turnover, higher employee productivity, increased teamwork, morale, confidence.

Dow Chemical Uses WorkKeys to Prepare Employees for Advanced Training
Dow Chemical and the Center for Business/Industry Training used WorkKeys and Consulting Services to upgrade the competencies of Dow Process Technicians. Results: individually focused workforce development plan linking training and job skills.

Reducing Turnover and Overtime
Creative Extruded Products used WorkKeys to increase profits and to cut training time, overtime hours, turnover, and scrap expenditures.

Grand Junction Creates a Community-Wide Skill Credential for Residents
A Colorado community uses the WorkKeys system to create a common language for business and education that leads to a highly qualified workforce.

Hiring Responsible Team Members
Steelscape used WorkKeys for pre-employment screening to hire responsible, skilled employees for self-directed work teams. Results: reduced turnover, development of a strong community workforce, award-winning hiring method.

Program Helps At-Risk Students Succeed
The Aims Community College high school diploma program used WorkKeys to help potential high school dropouts graduate and gain skills for the workforce. Student success stories.

Breaking Barriers: A Case Study of Two High-Performing Schools
(PDF; 31 pages, 199KB)
We identify the factors that contribute to the success of two high schools with substantial enrollments of low-income and minority students. The two schools highlighted are successfully preparing students for their post–high school goals, despite the odds.


Early College Planning Pays Big Dividends: Louisiana (PDF; 132KB, 3 pages)
In 2001, the Louisiana Board of Regents began offering ACT's EXPLORE and PLAN as part of its statewide effort to raise academic standards for college admission. At first, the Board of Regents administered the tests free of charge to every school that volunteered to participate in the program. The program has since expanded to include every public high school and middle school in the state.


Adopting a Common Language for Regional Economic Change
Businesses, unions, schools, government agencies, community colleges, and Syracuse University work together to implement WorkKeys-based training and workforce quality improvement plan.

Improving Students' Readiness for College: Homewood-Flossmoor High School, Illinois District 233 (PDF; 152KB, 4 pages)
How Homewood-Flossmoor High School EPAS used to improve students' readiness for college.

Using EPAS in School Improvement: Illinois Township High School District 214 (PDF; 133KB, 3 pages)
Illinois Township High School District 214 uses EPAS for career and educational planning, preparing students for college, incorporating state standards, and making informed decisions using quantitative data.


Preparing Oklahoma Students for the Future (PDF; 116KB, 3 pages)
Since Oklahoma implemented higher college admission standards and EPAS, college remediation rates have dropped in all content areas and gaps between and among demographic subgroups have narrowed.

Helping Teacher Assistants Meet "Highly Qualified" Standards
An Oregon school district used the WorkKeys Proficiency Certificate for Teacher Assistants to verify teacher assistants in the district's schools met the "highly qualified" standards mandated in the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.