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ACT's research supports and strengthens its mission – helping individuals achieve academic and workplace success. For more than 50 years, ACT has designed research programs to develop solutions to complex issues in education and workforce development. ACT's Workforce Development Division has done extensive research to create solutions for skilling up America’s workforce.

ACT has the largest, most robust occupational profiles database available. More than 18,000 unique job titles, ranging from white-collar professional to blue-collar technical positions, have been profiled by ACT-authorized job profilers or trained employees. Extensive research has been done on these jobs to define what essential skills are needed to build a successful workforce.

The research done by ACT has helped develop the following solutions:

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Thumbnail of A Better Measure of Skills Gaps report cover. New ACT Policy Research Report
Changing Lives, Building a Better Workforce (PDF)

Thumbnail of A Better Measure of Skills Gaps report cover. ACT Research Report
A Better Measure of Skills Gaps (PDF)