Job Analysis

Workforce Development

ACT has one of the largest, most robust occupational profiles databases available. More than 18,000 job titles, ranging from white-collar professional to blue-collar technical positions have been profiled by ACT-authorized job profilers. Extensive research has been done on these jobs to identify the essential skills and skill levels for employee selection, hiring, and training.

Identify the skills needed for your employees to be successful on the job. Contact us to help you choose the approach that works best for your HR practices and business needs.

Job Profiling

  • Uses a focus group process to gather job task and WorkKeys skill information from job incumbents
  • Provides a report with a customized task list and skill levels related to specific work examples

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WorkKeys Estimator

  • Enables quick estimates of WorkKeys skills and skill levels
  • Supports recruiting plans and setting of training goals
  • Provides a useful tool for small employers

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Hiring really comes down to a skill match. There is some risk in taking the easy way out—making the quick hire rather than the quality hire. With WorkKeys, you can make the quality hire more quickly. Daniel Nichols, director of system recruitment/Human Resources Information System, Inova Health System

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Charlene Sizemore, president and CEO, Sizemore, Inc., talks about the benefits of WorkKeys. (5:03)