How do educators use WorkKeys?

How do I motivate my students to do their best?

The best way to motivate students is to show them how higher scores will benefit them—for example, with higher salaries. Explain that higher skill levels mean higher pay. Encourage them to browse the WorkKeys scores needed for different careers to help them find their strengths and weaknesses compared to the career they are interested in pursuing. Tell them to take their score reports or National Career Readiness Certificate with them to job interviews. Even if the employer is not requiring WorkKeys scores, students can present them as documentation of their abilities.

How can I get my local employers involved?

Meet with local employers and show them how a WorkKeys score report and National Career Readiness Certificates document job applicants' skills. Show them how asking for WorkKeys scores or a Certificate will benefit them as part of the hiring process.

How do we become a WorkKeys testing site?

Information is available on how to become a WorkKeys Internet Version testing site. If you are interested in paper-and-pencil testing, call 800/WORKKEY (967-5539) and we will send an order form to you.

How much do the WorkKeys assessments cost?

Call 800/WORKKEY (967-5539) to receive pricing for educational institutions.

How do I pay for the WorkKeys assessments?

Your site will be billed on a monthly basis. Paper-and-pencil tests are not billed until they are scored. WorkKeys Internet Version (WKIV) tests are billed on a monthly basis for activity during the previous month.

How long does it take to get the test booklets after placing my order?

It takes 7–10 business days to receive WorkKeys test booklets. Please order your test booklets at least two weeks before your testing date. Rush shipments are available. Additional mailing charges will be billed to your site.

How long does it take to get the score reports back?

It usually takes 10 working days to receive scores from a paper-and-pencil administration of the WorkKeys tests.

WorkKeys Internet Version (WKIV) tests feature immediate score reports, and official reports are available within 24 hours.

What is on the standard WorkKeys score report?

Two reports—a score summary and memo to examinee—are provided for paper-and-pencil tests. The memo includes diagnostic information that helps examinees understand how to improve their scores. Tests completed using the Internet version produce a single report that is available immediately after responses are submitted and scored. An official version of this report is available 24 hours after a test is administered. A consolidated summary of all your testing activities can be obtained by purchasing a WorkKeys transcript.

Which reports do I give to my students?

Students who completed paper-and-pencil tests benefit most by receiving the Memo to Examinee because it helps them understand the skills they need to learn in order to improve their WorkKeys scores. The scoring summary is commonly used by educators and administrators to document student progress.

Can I get my students' scores faster?

We will fax the scores to you and place the reports in regular mail unless you request overnight mail. Any mailing costs other than regular mail will be billed to your site.

There are additional fees for expedited scoring.

24-hour scoring fees
Cost per answer folder Type of answer document
$20.00 Multiple-choice

Business Writing

Prices apply to domestic ACT customers only.