WorkKeys Estimator is the right choice if your organization is looking for:

  • A fast, convenient, paper-based method of collecting data
  • Ways to improve recruiting efforts, set training goals, and develop employees
  • A method to document decisions concerning the use of WorkKeys assessments

An Efficient Process to Estimate WorkKeys Skill Levels

Why take chances with the money you invest in your employees? WorkKeys Estimator helps take away the guesswork by providing documentation for your decision making.

With WorkKeys Estimator you can assign job experts in your organization who are familiar with the tasks and demands of a specific job, to make educated estimates about the skill levels needed to perform the job using WorkKeys skill level definitions.

WorkKeys Estimator links to the WorkKeys occupational profiles—identifying skill levels required for an occupation across jobs, companies, or industries—and O*NET online occupational information. ACT has compiled occupational profiles across many employment fields using the O*NET database. The O*NET data also can help you:

  • create job descriptions
  • identify additional training needs
  • locate industry information
  • and much more

After determining the skill levels for your jobs, you can use the appropriate WorkKeys assessments to see how the skills of your employees match up and to determine where additional training can improve those skills.

You don’t need training to use WorkKeys Estimator, and all the tools are included in a single binder and CD-ROM. You just need a few job experts to review the skill definitions and document the results.