Advertising Copywriter


Work Tasks

ADVERTISING COPYWRITERS prepare advertising copy for use by publication or radio and television commercials to promote the sale of goods and services. They look at trends, consumer surveys, and data about related goods and services. Copywriters and art directors come up with an idea that they want to develop further. Copywriters work on the words and art directors work on the pictures. They present their ideas to management, and when they are all in agreement, they then present it to the client. When the client approves the idea, copywriters work to produce the finished ad.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

ADVERTISING COPYWRITERS generally require a college degree. Some employers look for a broad liberal arts background, but most prefer to hire people with degrees in communications, journalism, or English. Familiarity with electronic publishing, graphics, and video production equipment is increasingly needed. Employers look for copywriters who have developed their writing skill and are talented at writing snappy slogans.