Radio/TV Program Writer


Work Tasks

RADIO/TV PROGRAM WRITERS write a program based on something that is true, made-up, or a combination of both. They gather as much information as possible about the chosen topic, organize the material, and then put it into words that will convey the desired effect to the listener or viewer. They write a plot outline and a short narrative and submit them for approval. They revise or rewrite sections until they get the best organization of the material and the right phrasing. They meet with producers and directors to discuss revisions and other changes. They may adapt books or plays into scripts. They may write comedy routines, or sitcoms.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Many employers read submitted material from RADIO/TV PROGRAM WRITERS and make hiring decisions based purely on talent and what they read. Talent is the key ingredient to a successful career in this field. A college degree may be helpful and some employers prefer to hire people with degrees in communications, journalism, or English.