Radio/TV Announcer/Newscaster


Work Tasks

RADIO/TV ANNOUNCERS/NEWSCASTERS announce station program information such as station breaks for commercials or public service information. They read prepared script or ad-lib commentary on the air when presenting news, sports, weather, time, and commercials. They also interview guests and moderate panels or discussions. They announce musical selections on the radio. Some provide commentary for the audience during sporting events, parades, and other events. Announcers are often well-known to radio and television audiences and may make promotional appearances and remote broadcasts for their stations.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Formal training in broadcasting from a college or technical school is valuable for entry into a RADIO/TV ANNOUNCER/NEWSCASTER position. Station officials look at taped auditions of the applicant's delivery, appearance, and style on news and interviews. Those hired by TV stations usually start out as production assistants, and the like, and move into announcing if they show an aptitude for on-air work. Employers in networks look for college graduates with several years of announcing experience. Knowledge of theater, sports, music, politics, etc. is a plus.