Movie/TV Director


Work Tasks

MOVIE/TV DIRECTORS plan and direct movie and television productions, such as feature films, TV movies, commercials, or educational films. They study scripts, conduct screen tests and auditions, and select cast. They express ideas and create images, based on a script. They schedule rehearsals, and direct the work of the cast and crew. They use their knowledge of acting to achieve the best possible performance and make the words come alive for the audience. They are responsible for the creative decisions of a production, such as set decorations and costumes, and the quality of the final product and its success. They prepare and stay within budget and time frames.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Talent, experience, and business acumen are very important to succeed as MOVIE/TV DIRECTORS. Writers, film editors, and business managers often enter this field. Many people who start out as actors move into directing. A growing number of colleges and universities now offer degree programs in arts management. Membership in the American Federation of TV and Radio Artists or the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians is necessary for employment of movie/TV directors in national programs and some local TV stations.