Work Tasks

ASSEMBLERS and fabricators produce a wide range of finished goods from manufactured parts. Assemblers may work on smaller parts that go into the final assembly of the whole product. Some types of assemblers are electrical and electronic, mechanical, engine and machine, and structural metal fabricators. Assemblers and fabricators put together products like computers, radio or test equipment, automobile engines, manufacturing equipment, electrical components and aircraft and space vehicles. They must read and interpret engineering specifications from text, drawings, and computer-aided drafting (CAD) systems.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

New ASSEMBLERS and fabricators are normally entry-level employees. The ability to do accurate work at a rapid pace and to follow detailed instructions are key job requirements. A high school diploma is preferred for most positions. Applicants need specialized training for some assembly jobs. Employers may require applicants for electrical or electronic assembly jobs to graduate from a technical school. Other positions require only on-the-job training. Good eyesight is required for assemblers who work with very small parts. Assemblers need no special licensing or certification.