Precision Instrument Repairer


Work Tasks

PRECISION INSTRUMENT REPAIRERS inspect, test, repair, adjust, and service industrial and scientific instruments. Instruments in manufacturing, power plants, and other industrial buildings measure physical characteristics such as heat, pressure, weight, liquid flow, rotation, and humidity. Precision instrument repairers also repair camera and photographic equipment, watches and clocks, all kinds of musical instruments, and medical equipment.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire PRECISION INSTRUMENT REPAIRERS who have a high school diploma with courses in mathematics and the physical sciences. Training is available at technical schools or colleges in instrumentation technology with an emphasis on electronics and electromechanical systems. Some employers prefer to hire those with one to five years of experience, and skill in reading blueprints and schematics. No special licensing or certification is required, but union membership may be required.