Computer Service Technician


Work Tasks

COMPUTER SERVICE TECHNICIANS service computers and peripheral equipment. They perform hands-on repair, maintenance, and installation of computers and related equipment. They routinely adjust, oil, and clean mechanical and electromechanical parts and check for loose connections and defective components. Technicians also make cable and wiring connections when installing equipment, and work closely with electricians who install the wiring. They run diagnostic programs to locate malfunctions. They find the cause of the breakdown and make the necessary repairs. They install new equipment and test it thoroughly before the consumer uses it.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most employers prefer COMPUTER SERVICE TECHNICIANS with formal training in electronics. Public post-secondary vocational-technical schools, private vocational schools and technical institutes, and 2-year colleges offer training in electronics. Programs take one to two years. The military also offers formal training and work experience. Training includes general courses in mathematics, physics, electricity, electronics, schematic reading, troubleshooting, and computers. A few technicians complete formal apprenticeship programs.