Office Machine Servicer


Work Tasks

OFFICE MACHINE SERVICERS service and repair office equipment used for business transactions and correspondence. Office machine servicers work on photocopiers, typewriters, calculators, adding machines, cash registers, mail processing equipment, postage meters, facsimile machines, and various other office machines. Office machine servicers who work for independent repair shops must be able to work on several different types and brands of machines and equipment. Office machine servicers clean, oil, and adjust all of the mechanical parts of machines to prevent breakdowns. They test to make sure machines are running properly.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Knowledge of electronics is necessary for employment as an OFFICE MACHINE SERVICER. Employers prefer workers who are certified as repairers or who have training in electronics from associate degree programs, the military, vocational schools, or equipment manufacturers. Programs take from one to two years. Employers may send experienced workers to training sessions to keep up with changes in technology and service procedures. Some employers require servicers to be bonded.