Medical Equipment Technician


Work Tasks

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TECHNICIANS test, install, inspect, adjust, service, repair, and maintain biomedical equipment used in healthcare. Equipment includes heart-lung machines, electrocardiographs, ventilators, patient monitors, x-ray machines, pacemakers, dialysis machines, and defibrillators. Technicians examine and test the equipment to find the problem. They take apart equipment and repair or replace the defective parts. They reassemble the equipment, adjust and calibrate parts, and make sure that everything is running properly.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers require MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TECHNICIANS to have a two-year associate or a certificate from an approved and accredited vocational/technical school. Many 2-year colleges offer programs leading to an associate degree in electronics. A few of these schools have specific medical equipment technology programs. Many learn their skills through training provided by medical equipment manufacturers or on-the-job training provided by hospital or medical laboratory experienced workers. Others learn the trade through an 4-year apprenticeship program.