Robot Technician


Work Tasks

ROBOT TECHNICIANS employed by robot manufacturers assist engineers in the design and development of robots. Technicians employed in industrial manufacturing plants install, service, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair robots and automated production systems by applying knowledge of microprocessors, electronics, circuit analysis, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and programmable controllers. Robot technicians employed by manufacturers work closely with mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineers in the design, development, production, testing, operation, and maintenance of robots and automated equipment systems.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire ROBOT TECHNICIANS who have completed at least a 2-year electronic engineering technology or robotics program at a community college or trade school, or who have several years of related on-the-job training. Robot technicians can receive training in one-, two-, and four-year programs offered by technical institutes, community colleges, and colleges and universities. Some companies may provide specialized training to meet their needs. No special licensing or certification is required for robot technicians.