Building/Construction Inspector


Work Tasks

BUILDING/CONSTRUCTION INSPECTORS are concerned with structural safety and fire safety. They examine the construction, alteration, or repair of buildings, factories, airports, highways and streets, sewer and water systems, dams, bridges, tunnels, and other structures to ensure compliance with building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations, and contract specifications. Inspectors make an initial inspection during the first phase of construction, and follow-up inspections throughout the construction project to monitor compliance with regulations. They use the principles and methods of construction to decide whether the work meets standards and codes.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire BUILDING/CONSTRUCTION INSPECTORS with formal training and experience. They look for those who have studied engineering or architecture, or have a degree from a community or junior college, with courses in construction technology, drafting, mathematics, and building inspection. Many community colleges offer certificate or associate degree programs in building inspection technology. Courses in blueprint reading, algebra, geometry, and English are also useful. Most states and cities require some type of certification.