Contractor/Construction Manager


Work Tasks

CONTRACTORS/CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS plan and direct construction projects. They decide the construction methods, and schedule construction site activities leading to the completion of a building project. They decide labor requirements. They budget the time to meet deadlines. They select and coordinate subcontractors hired to complete certain parts of the project, such as plumbing. They oversee the work of all contractors and are responsible for the work being finished on time. They are also responsible for getting permits and licenses, and monitoring compliance with building and safety codes and other regulations.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

CONTRACTOR/CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS need a solid background in building science, business and management, and related work experience in construction. They must understand contracts, plans and specifications, and know about construction methods, materials, and regulations. Familiarity with computers and software programs for job costing, scheduling, and estimating is important. Employers prefer to hire those who combine industry work experience with a bachelor's or master's degree in construction, building science, or construction management.