Graphic Artist (Print Materials)


Work Tasks

GRAPHIC ARTISTS (PRINT MATERIALS) use a variety of print media to create art for advertising, design, or publishing firms, retail stores, corporations, and other commercial clients. They first find out the needs of their client. They may create promotional displays and marketing brochures for new products, visual designs of corporate annual reports, or logos for products or businesses. They lay out and test various designs on a computer before printing a final design. They may be responsible for the overall layout and design of magazines, newspapers, and other publications. They may design book jackets, theater posters, covers for CDs, and many other items.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most employers prefer to hire GRAPHIC ARTISTS (PRINT MATERIALS) with a degree in graphic design, art, fine art, illustration, or related field. Training in computer design techniques is becoming more important for many jobs in commercial art. Evidence of talent and skill in the form of a portfolio (collection of the artist's best work) is often the deciding factor on whether or not the applicant gets the job. Putting together a portfolio requires skills provided in a bachelor's degree program or other post-secondary training in design or visual communication.