Desktop Publisher


Work Tasks

DESKTOP PUBLISHERS format and combine text, numerical data, photographs, charts, and other graphics for publication-ready material, using computer software. They may write and edit text, create graphics, and convert photographs and drawings into digital images. They may design page layouts, create proposals, develop presentations and advertising campaigns, and typeset and do color separations. They create on the screen exactly what will appear in print of an entire newspaper, catalog, or other published item. Operators transmit the pages for production either into film and then into printing plates, or directly into plates.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most workers qualify for jobs as DESKTOP PUBLISHERS through classes or 1-year certificate programs at vocational schools, colleges and universities, or through the Internet. Some train on the job, or gain experience through an internship. Others may obtain an associate's degree in applied science or a bachelor's degree in graphic arts, graphic communications, or graphic design. Although formal training may not be required, those with certificates or degrees will have the best opportunities. Most employers prefer to hire experienced desktop publishers.