Counselor (School/College)


Work Tasks

SCHOOL/COLLEGE COUNSELORS help students evaluate their abilities, interests, and talents to be able to set realistic academic and career goals. They use interviews, counseling sessions, tests, and other methods to evaluate and advise students. They advise on college majors, admission requirements, entrance exams, financial aid, etc. They help students with job-finding skills such as resume writing. They help students develop good study habits. They also help students understand and deal with their social, behavioral, and personal problems. They provide services, such as alcohol and drug prevention programs, and conflict management classes.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

All states require SCHOOL COUNSELORS to hold state school counseling certification; however, certification requirements vary from state to state. Some states require public school counselors to have both counseling and teaching certificates. Depending upon the state, a master's degree in counseling and two to five years of teaching experience may be required for a counseling certificate. More specific information may be obtained from your state department of education.