Student Services Specialist


Work Tasks

STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALISTS provide direction, leadership, and day-to-day management of educational activities in colleges and universities. They also develop and administer housing, cultural, social, and recreational needs for students. They assist college presidents, make faculty appointments, develop budgets, and establish academic policies and programs. They may direct and coordinate admissions, foreign student services, health and counseling services, career services, financial aid, and housing and residential life, as well as social, recreational, and related programs.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

STUDENT SERVICES SPECIALISTS begin their careers in related occupations, and prepare for a job in administration by completing a master's or doctoral degree. In some cases, administrators move up from related staff jobs such as recruiter, guidance counselor, residence hall director, or financial aid or admissions counselor. Academic deans usually have a doctorate in their specialty. Computer literacy and a background in mathematics and statistics may be an asset in admissions, records, and financial work.