Human Services Worker


Work Tasks

HUMAN SERVICES WORKERS is a generic term for people with job titles including social service assistant, case aide, mental health technician, drug abuse counselor, and gerontology aide. They assess client needs and provide client services. They look at financial documents to see if they are eligible for benefits, such as food stamps, Medicaid, welfare, and help clients obtain them. They also arrange for transportation and escorts, if needed, and provide emotional support. They monitor and keep case records on clients and report progress to supervisors and case managers. They help clients complete insurance or medical forms, as well as applications for financial assistance.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Although a bachelor's degree usually is not required for HUMAN SERVICES WORKER jobs, employers are increasingly seeking individuals with relevant work experience or education beyond high school. Certificates or associate's degrees in social work, human services, or one of the social or behavioral sciences meet requirements. In some settings, applicants for human services worker jobs may need a valid driver's license and must meet the Criminal Offense Record Investigation (CORI) requirement. Special licensure or state certification may also apply.