Childcare Worker (Domestic)


Work Tasks

CHILDCARE WORKERS (DOMESTIC) take care of young children when parents cannot be with them. Most childcare workers are day-workers who live in their own homes and travel to work or run a daycare center out of their homes. Some childcare workers live in the home of their employer. Childcare workers bathe, dress, and feed children. They supervise children at play, correct them, and comfort them when needed. Childcare workers read to children and put them to bed. Childcare workers plan games for children and take them for walks. Childcare workers serve meals and snacks and teach children good eating habits and how to clean up after themselves. They make sure children have rest periods and tell parents of any illness or problems that may have developed with their child.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

CHILDCARE WORKERS (DOMESTIC) usually do not need special training. The skills needed for this job are usually learned by young people while helping with housework at home. General education and the ability to get along with the person they will care for are most important. Local chapters of the American Red Cross offer a Babysitters Training Course as well as courses in first aid and CPR. Home economics courses in high school and vocational and adult education schools offer training in childcare. Courses in child development, first aid, and nursing offered by post-secondary schools are highly recommended. Special schools for nannies teach childcare. Childcare workers need no special licensing or certification.