Daycare Operator (Child/Adult)


Work Tasks

DAYCARE OPERATORS (CHILD/ADULT) are responsible for the overall operation of daycare centers for children or adults. They provide continuous supervision and ensure compliance with state laws and regulations. Adult daycare operators offer non-medical care and supervision to persons over eighteen years of age. They coordinate and lead social activities, such as bingo, playing cards, dancing, craft projects, and exercise programs. Child daycare operators organize and lead activities for pre-kindergarten children. They serve meals and refreshments to children and regulate rest periods. Child daycare operators help children to develop good habits and maintain discipline.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

DAYCARE OPERATORS (CHILD/ADULT) are not required by law to have a post-secondary education, however, a bachelor's degree in a related field as well as experience is recommended. Licensing is required in order to operate a daycare center. A First Aid Certificate is often needed. Also, proof of current good health (signed by a physician) is necessary.