Welfare Eligibility Worker


Work Tasks

WELFARE ELIGIBILITY WORKERS determine the eligibility of individuals applying to receive welfare, unemployment benefits, social security benefits, public housing, and other types of social assistance. Welfare eligibility workers interview and investigate applicants and recipients of public assistance. Based on the personal and financial information they obtain, and the rules and regulations of each program, welfare eligibility workers begin the procedures to grant, modify, deny, or terminate an individual's eligibility for various aid programs. This information is then recorded and evaluated to determine grant amounts.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Hiring requirements for WELFARE ELIGIBILITY WORKERS vary widely. Depending on the jurisdiction, applicants may need a high school diploma, some post-secondary training, or a bachelor's degree. Work experience in a closely related field, such as employment interviewing, social work, or insurance claims, may also qualify someone for this job. No special licensing or certification is required for welfare eligibility workers. Fluency in a foreign language may be an advantage in parts of the country with a high concentration of non-English speaking people.