Funeral Director


Work Tasks

FUNERAL DIRECTORS help the family and friends of the deceased in making business and personal arrangements for funeral service and burial. They help the family establish the location, dates, and times of wakes, memorial services, and burials. They arrange for the deceased to be transported to the funeral home and obtain information needed for the death certificate. They prepare obituary notices and place in newspapers. They arrange for pallbearers and clergy, and schedule with the cemetery the opening and closing of a grave. They prepare the sites of all services, and provide for the transportation of the remains, mourners, and flowers between sites.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

FUNERAL DIRECTORS must be licensed. Most states require applicants to be 21 years old, have a high school diploma, complete some training in mortuary science, serve a 1- to 2-year apprenticeship, and pass a written state board licensing exam. Apprenticeships must be served under an experienced and licensed funeral director or embalmer. All states require embalmers to be licensed. Mortuary science programs are offered by some vocational schools, community colleges, and colleges and universities.