Services Sales Representative


Work Tasks

SERVICES SALES REPRESENTATIVES sell a wide variety of services. Services sales representatives act as industry experts, consultants, and problem solvers when selling their firm's services. They work for data processing firms, hotels, government, telephone companies, commercial services, and financial institutions. They must thoroughly understand a client's specific needs and objectives, as well as understand and be able to discuss the services their company offers. Sales representatives develop lists of prospective clients through the use of telephone and business directories, and through leads from business associates and customers. They look for new business as they cover their assigned territory.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Many employers require that SERVICES SALES REPRESENTATIVES have a college degree, but requirements may vary depending upon the industry. College courses in business, economics, communications, and marketing are helpful. Employers may hire sales representatives with a high school diploma if they have a proven sales record. No special licensing or certification is required for services sales representatives.