Sales Worker (Retail)


Work Tasks

RETAIL SALES WORKERS are employed by most retailers to help customers choose and buy various products. Whether selling shoes, clothing, automobiles, or computer equipment, retail salespersons assist customers in finding what they are looking for and try to interest them in buying the merchandise. They describe a product's features, demonstrate its use, or show various models and colors. For some sales jobs, particularly those involving expensive and complex items, salespersons need special knowledge or skills. As well as selling, most retail sales workers, especially those who work in department or clothing stores, make out sales checks; receive cash, check, and charge payments; bag or package purchases; and give change and receipts.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

There usually are no formal education requirements for RETAIL SALES WORKERS, although a high school diploma or equivalent is preferred. Employers look for people who enjoy working with others and have the tact and patience to deal with difficult customers. In most small stores, an experienced employer or the proprietor instructs newly hired sales personnel in making out sales checks and operating cash registers. In large stores, training programs are more formal and usually last several days. Depending on the type of product they are selling, employees may be given additional specialized training by manufacturers' representatives. No special licensing or certification is required for sales workers.