Ticket Agent


Work Tasks

TICKET AGENTS make reservations and sell tickets to people for travel on planes, trains, buses, or ships. They also give people information on schedules, fares, and arrival and departure times. Ticket agents fill out tickets and calculate costs. They make and confirm reservations and keep track of available passenger space. In addition, ticket agents may answer inquiries and give directions and examine passports and visas. Others work in airport terminals assisting passengers boarding airplanes. They direct passengers to the correct boarding area, check tickets and seat assignments, and make boarding announcements.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers may prefer applicants for TICKET AGENT positions with some college education. Familiarity or experience with computers, and good interpersonal skills are also important to employers. Most agents learn their skills through formal company training programs. They learn company and industry policies, computer systems, and ticketing procedures in a classroom setting. No special licensing or certification is required for ticket agents.