Airline Reservations Agent


Work Tasks

AIRLINE RESERVATIONS AGENTS book passengers on scheduled airline flights. They work for airlines, helping people to plan trips and make and confirm reservations. Airline reservations agents issue tickets, handle payments, and perform a variety of other tasks. Airline reservation agents usually work in large reservation centers answering telephone or e-mail inquiries and offering suggestions on travel arrangements, such as routes, flight schedules, fares, and connecting flights. They use computers to quote fares and make and confirm transportation reservations.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most employers require AIRLINE RESERVATIONS AGENTS to have a high school diploma and some public contact experience. Others may prefer agents with some college education. Most agents learn their skills through formal company training programs. Reservation agents learn to use the airline's computer system to obtain information on schedules, seat availability, and fares; to reserve space for passengers; and to plan passenger itineraries. They must also become familiar with airport and airline code designations, regulations, and safety procedures. New agents work on the job with supervisors for a period of time. It is increasingly helpful to speak a foreign language fluently. No special licensing or certification is required for airline reservations agents.