Hotel Clerk


Work Tasks

HOTEL CLERKS perform a variety of services for guests of hotels, motels and other lodging establishments. Desk clerks register arriving guests, assign rooms, and check out guests at the end of their stay. They keep records of room assignments and registration information on computers. When guests check out, they prepare and explain the charges and process payments. Front desk clerks answer questions about services, parking, checkout times, and the local community. If guests should report problems with their rooms, clerks contact the appropriate person in housekeeping or maintenance to correct them.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers often require HOTEL CLERKS to have a high school diploma. Hotel clerks learn their skills on the job from a supervisor or an experienced clerk. They often need more training to use computerized reservations systems. For management training positions, employers usually prefer candidates with a college degree. Knowledge of basic accounting will also be helpful. Hotel clerks need no license or certificate.