Postal Clerk


Work Tasks

POSTAL CLERKS include a wide variety of workers such as distribution clerks, mail processors, and window clerks. They sort mail and serve customers at local post offices. Distribution clerks and mail processors sort mail for delivery to customers. Window or counter clerks wait on customers at post offices. They sell stamps, money orders, postal stationery, mailing envelopes, and boxes. Mail handlers unload sacks of incoming mail, separate mail, and transport it to the proper sorting and processing areas. Distribution clerks sort local mail for delivery to individual customers.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

POSTAL CLERKS must be U.S. citizens or must have permanent resident-alien status in the United States. They must be at least 18 years old (or 16, if they have a high school diploma). Applicants must take a written examination that measures speed and accuracy at checking names and numbers, and the ability to remember mail distribution procedures. Postal clerks who operate electronic sorting machines must pass a special examination that includes a machine aptitude test. New postal clerks are trained on the job by experienced workers. Many post offices offer classroom instruction on safety and defensive driving.