Work Tasks

TELEMARKETERS solicit orders for goods or services over the telephone. Telemarketers make large numbers of calls to prospects, attempting to sell a company's service themselves, or to arrange an appointment between the prospect and an outside sales representative. Telemarketers quote prices and try to persuade customers to buy products or services. They record names, addresses, purchases, and reactions of prospects solicited. Telemarketers write orders for merchandise or enter orders into a computer. They may develop lists of prospects through telephone and business directories.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Requirements for TELEMARKETERS vary depending on the industry a company represents. Employers who market advertising services seek individuals with a degree in advertising, marketing, or business administration. Companies marketing education services prefer individuals with a degree in education or marketing. Many hotels seek graduates of hotel and tourism administration programs. Companies selling computer, engineering, health, or other highly technical services generally require a bachelor's degree appropriate to their field. Employers may hire telemarketers with only a high school diploma if they have a proven sales record.