Work Tasks

FUND-RAISERS, usually called development directors, raise money needed to keep a wide variety of nonprofit organizations thriving. Fund-raisers get donations by asking for gifts from individual donors, soliciting endowments and bequests, hosting special events, applying for grants, and launching phone and letter appeals. In small nonprofit organizations, a fund-raiser does all these things; in large ones, fund-raisers specialize. Large-gift fund-raisers look for money by establishing relationships and making a connection between the mission of the organization and the people who can give.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most FUND RAISERS have a bachelor's degree with a major in marketing, public relations, or English, but people with any major can enter the field. Some schools and universities are now offering degrees in nonprofit management or philanthropic studies. Other degrees, including journalism, public relations, business administration, education, sociology, social work, or communications may be helpful. A broad liberal education with a strong background in psychology, or an emphasis on human relations is also an asset.